Our Mission!

Hi there!  My name is Rebecca.  Welcome to Up and Away Moms and thanks for stopping by! I am a mother of two, wife of an amazing husband and I am a professional juggler… daily.  As in, I am a mom.  Not a day goes by that at some point I don’t feel like I have joined the circus!

I started Up and Away Moms as a sanity zone for moms, to uplift, inspire and motivate. So join me for a laugh, learning from mine and other moms and their experiences.  Here we have the DIY inspiration, Baking, Planning, Tips and Tricks for managing motherhood, Stories from the heart and a good laugh to share! May what you find here give you that extra little boost, because you CAN do it! Even with spilled milk.

I post twice a week on Youtube!


One thought on “Our Mission!

  1. Hi Rebecca, love the look of your new blog, and the ethos! Thanks for your comment on my post – three is definitely the magic number 😉 Good luck with your blog and channel. Jess x


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