7 Fun Activities for a Paw Patrol Themed Party

This is the second Paw Patrol party we have thrown for my five-year-old.  We did the same theme last year, only it was more aqua Paw Patrol themed and we held it at an indoor waterpark which was a blast, but anyway, this year we had his party in our backyard had just enough children over to make it a grand time without being too crazy.

I was catching up with a mom friend that couldn’t make it and one of the things she mentioned she loved about our parties is all of the activities we do.  It’s not just well decorated and sitting around eating she said.

While this party may not have been the most Pinterest perfect in all the details, our focus was to make it a blast for the kids with a lot of fun activities.

The activities included:

  1. Dress Up! We are big on dress up around here so we already had the bin with all the varieties of characters including this fun one of Sky.
  2. Cardboard DIY and toy vehicles. We have the adventure, it seems for several birthdays of creating something unique out of cardboard and duct tape.  Milo is pretty sure that when he grows up he wants to be a superhero and an upcycle engineer, “Don’t lose it! Reuse it!”  So we saved many am Amazon Prime packaging and put our brains together to make come vehicles.  We did have overall straps at first but I didn’t secure that one enough so Milo didn’t care to have them on.  If this was a party where adults were invited too, it would be fun to have each family have to create their own vehicle and then have a prize for the best one.  I’m all for putting use of recycled goods.Paw Patrol Birthday Party (12)Paw Patrol Birthday Party (17)
  3. Tabletop toy fun.  As kids were arriving we had this Paw Patrol Tower set ready to go for the little ones to play with til we were set to go with our obstacle course.Paw Patrol Birthday Party (1)
  4. Obstacle Course.  My husband played ‘Ryder’ and we called in the new recruits! Acted like a friendly drill sergeant/ coach and had the birthday boy demonstrate how to do the obstacle course.  Then as each kid did it, they received a badge at the end, got into costumes if they were not already and went off to eat pizza.Paw Patrol Birthday Party (5)
  5. Pin the Tail on the Dog.  Part of the excitement leading up to getting ready for the party is preparing the decorations for the party.  Milo LOVES to color right now, so we just made our own posters and colored them that had bigger images of some of the Paw Patrol characters for the party.
  6. Paw Patrol Mission.  Once the kids had eaten and pinned the tail on the dog, it was time to start our Mission.  We basically asked Milo what he wanted to incorporate into the story and naturally, Chickeltta had to be saved for Mayor Goodways sake. It started with me squatting in a cardboard playhouse holding up Mayor Goodway begging the Paw Patrol to save Chickeletta, my pet chicken who had run away and she needed their help.  High pitched voice and all.  Then Ryder led the Paw Patrol around the yard.  They had to get in their vehicles and try to find her.  Then Ryder pulled out his location detector device (an X-Box Remote) attached to Chickelleta’s ankle to locate her inside of a mountain! The ‘mountain’ was our shed.  We drew rocks on a poster that the kids had to use water balloons to hit and ‘break away’ the rocks.  Then after the kids have had a turn, they opened up the shed to reveal chickeletta.  BTW, this whole time that they were busy with their vehicles I went over behind the shed and shook it and made Chickelletta distressed noises.  When they opened the shed, Ryder informs the crew that it is really a volcano that was going to explode!  And I had silly string that I sprayed up and over the shed all over the kids for a finale surprise.Paw Patrol Birthday Party (45)Paw Patrol Birthday Party (47)Paw Patrol Birthday Party (54)Paw Patrol Birthday Party (60)Paw Patrol Birthday Party (66)Paw Patrol Birthday Party (68)
  7. Pinata.  We made our pinata this year.  A basic one.  They can be expensive and making a basic shaped one can be fairly simple!

And after all of that we did Cake, Icecream and Presents.  It was a grand time.  And my little man was in Paw Patrol paradise.


Paw Patrol Birthday Party (89)Paw Patrol Birthday Party (94)Paw Patrol Birthday Party (105)



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